About the Tech Pharma Foundation

The Tech Pharma Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, focused on enabling transparent & safe trade of medicines as well as on fighting against counterfeit drugs. We strives towards building transparency & trust to empower the whole supply chain from manufacturing to dispensing. Thus, we serve the users of Trade Pharma Network and efforts to strengthen and nurture their community are ones of the top priority of the Foundation.

We are committed to supporting other organizations, small and large, that engage and expand Tech Pharma ecosystem. We also support other non-profit & governmental organizations by means of science, technology, and global compliance all with the purpose of benefiting public health and the patient.

Indeed, we aim to seed innovative projects that have measurable impact on the Tech Pharma ecosystem. As such, we actively identify educational and research institutions, Tech Pharma developers, and enthusiasts from all over the world as they work to advance the project. The Foundation is particularly interested in providing seed funding to help launch new projects. Although we will consider any proposal that may benefit the Trade Pharma marketplace and ecosystem, we are initially targeting a couple key areas for grantmaking.

And finally, the Foundation intend to donate wisely and safely to causes we care about and to other non-profit groups after making sure that you truly understand the type of organization that we are giving to and verify that it’s a serious and legitimate non-profit.

Our values:


We are committed to being accountable to the community. Our policies, significant decisions and their rationale, and software shall all be publicly visible. We will strive to accurately and accessibly communicate the security properties of Trade Pharma Network and of proposed changes.


We will strive to make the Trade Pharma Network decentralized, avoiding the placement of trust or granting of capabilities to any single party. Whenever current technology does not achieve perfect decentralization, we will seek to minimize, monitor and mitigate centralization.


The Trade Pharma Network ecosystem consists of many subcommunities, such as drug makers, wholesalers & distributors, importers & exporter, hospitals & pharmacies, non-profits & governmental bodies, researchers, developers and so forth, in many countries & cultures. They should all be given a voice within the Trade Pharma Network community and the Foundation’s deliberations.


The Foundation will not seek to place itself in a position of control over the Trade Pharma community. The Foundation will not hold privileged information about Trade Pharma transactions (beyond what is observable by anyone from the public blockchain or disclosures outside the blockchain), nor hold or create capabilities for acquiring such knowledge.


We strive to make well-informed and well-reasoned decisions, recognizing the vast body of knowledge offered by research and the experience of other organizations.



The Foundation shall support research and development to improve Trade Pharma Network. It will strive to incorporate such progress into Trade Pharma marketplace and software, while mindful of stability and security.

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Legal & Incorporation Docs

The Trade Pharma Foundation is a nonprofit organization undergoing registeration in the state of Delaware. The following Incorporation Docs will published shortly on this Website:

Trade Pharma Foundation 1023

Trade Pharma Foundation Bylaws

Trade Pharma Foundation Amendment 1

Trade Pharma Foundation Certificate and Accepted Articles

Trade Pharma Foundation IRS Non-Profit Determination Letter

Board Minutes

Our Team

Foundation Council (incomplete)

The Tech Pharma Foundation Council is composed of accomplished professionals who lead the Foundation as it supports the Trade Pharma marketplace and ecosystem. Individually, they each bring expertise and insights from their respective fields. Collectively, they form a council full of unique backgrounds and experiences from all over the world.

Tyler I. Sainkoudje (President) • Founder & CEO of Trade Pharma Network a division of Tesla Duo Group Ltd.

Marie N. Mendez (Treasurer) • Deputy CEO of  Trade Pharma Network a division of Tesla Duo Group Ltd.

Yaliwe Soko (General Secretary) • Chairwoman Blockchain Association of Africa


Board of Directors (incomplete)

  • Sophie Luu • Manager, GRC – Data & Information Governance at BDO USA, LLP

  • Lyne McCarthy  • General Manager Marketing & Operations at WhoCanForget.com

  • Caroline Rodriguez • Partnership Manager at Trade Pharma Network a division of Tesla Duo Group Ltd.

  • Armando Camacho • COO Signature Consultants

  • Laura Fiorella Egocheaga • Cheif Growth Officer at Viral Growth Media

  • Hans Dielissen • Director at OrthoPhysix

The Foundation has never been contacted by any agency anywhere in the world in a way which requires that contact not to be disclosed. The Trade Pharma Foundation will publicly disclose any sort of inquiry from government agencies that falls outside the scope of regular business operations.

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